How to list files using wildcards in VBScript

VBScript 5.6 does not provide a function or object to read file names from a disk directory using wildcards.

The ListDir function below can be used to read file names using wildcards. The test program ListDir.vbs shows how to use the function. It uses the same rules for the Path argument as the DIR command.

Example of how to call the test program:

cscript /nologo ListDir.vbs c:\*.*

File for download:

Derived work: VBS list dir class by Guilhem Martin (based on a version by Wilfrid Burel)

' Test program for the ListDir function.
' Lists file names using wildcards.
' Author:  Christian d'Heureuse (
' License: GNU/LGPL (
' Changes:
' 2006-01-19 Extended to handle the special case of filter masks
'            ending with a ".". Thanks to Dave Casey for the hint.

Option Explicit


Sub Main
   Dim Path
   Select Case WScript.Arguments.Count
      Case 0: Path = "*.*"             ' list current directory
      Case 1: Path = WScript.Arguments(0)
      Case Else: WScript.Echo "Invalid number of arguments.": Exit Sub
      End Select
   Dim a: a = ListDir(Path)
   If UBound(a) = -1 then
      WScript.Echo "No files found."
      Exit Sub
      End If
   Dim FileName
   For Each FileName In a
      WScript.Echo FileName
   End Sub

' Returns an array with the file names that match Path.
' The Path string may contain the wildcard characters "*"
' and "?" in the file name component. The same rules apply
' as with the MSDOS DIR command.
' If Path is a directory, the contents of this directory is listed.
' If Path is empty, the current directory is listed.
' Author: Christian d'Heureuse (
Public Function ListDir (ByVal Path)
   Dim fso: Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
   If Path = "" then Path = "*.*"
   Dim Parent, Filter
   if fso.FolderExists(Path) then      ' Path is a directory
      Parent = Path
      Filter = "*"
      Parent = fso.GetParentFolderName(Path)
      If Parent = "" Then If Right(Path,1) = ":" Then Parent = Path: Else Parent = "."
      Filter = fso.GetFileName(Path)
      If Filter = "" Then Filter = "*"
      End If
   ReDim a(10)
   Dim n: n = 0
   Dim Folder: Set Folder = fso.GetFolder(Parent)
   Dim Files: Set Files = Folder.Files
   Dim File
   For Each File In Files
      If CompareFileName(File.Name,Filter) Then
         If n > UBound(a) Then ReDim Preserve a(n*2)
         a(n) = File.Path
         n = n + 1
         End If
   ReDim Preserve a(n-1)
   ListDir = a
   End Function

Private Function CompareFileName (ByVal Name, ByVal Filter) ' (recursive)
   CompareFileName = False
   Dim np, fp: np = 1: fp = 1
      If fp > Len(Filter) Then CompareFileName = np > len(name): Exit Function
      If Mid(Filter,fp) = ".*" Then    ' special case: ".*" at end of filter
         If np > Len(Name) Then CompareFileName = True: Exit Function
         End If
      If Mid(Filter,fp) = "." Then     ' special case: "." at end of filter
         CompareFileName = np > Len(Name): Exit Function
         End If
      Dim fc: fc = Mid(Filter,fp,1): fp = fp + 1
      Select Case fc
         Case "*"
            CompareFileName = CompareFileName2(name,np,filter,fp)
            Exit Function
         Case "?"
            If np <= Len(Name) And Mid(Name,np,1) <> "." Then np = np + 1
         Case Else
            If np > Len(Name) Then Exit Function
            Dim nc: nc = Mid(Name,np,1): np = np + 1
            If Strcomp(fc,nc,vbTextCompare)<>0 Then Exit Function
         End Select
   End Function

Private Function CompareFileName2 (ByVal Name, ByVal np0, ByVal Filter, ByVal fp0)
   Dim fp: fp = fp0
   Dim fc2
   Do                                  ' skip over "*" and "?" characters in filter
      If fp > Len(Filter) Then CompareFileName2 = True: Exit Function
      fc2 = Mid(Filter,fp,1): fp = fp + 1
      If fc2 <> "*" And fc2 <> "?" Then Exit Do
   If fc2 = "." Then
      If Mid(Filter,fp) = "*" Then     ' special case: ".*" at end of filter
         CompareFileName2 = True: Exit Function
         End If
      If fp > Len(Filter) Then         ' special case: "." at end of filter
         CompareFileName2 = InStr(np0,Name,".") = 0: Exit Function
         End If
      End If
   Dim np
   For np = np0 To Len(Name)
      Dim nc: nc = Mid(Name,np,1)
      If StrComp(fc2,nc,vbTextCompare)=0 Then
         If CompareFileName(Mid(Name,np+1),Mid(Filter,fp)) Then
            CompareFileName2 = True: Exit Function
            End If
         End If
   CompareFileName2 = False
   End Function

Author: Christian d'Heureuse (,